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Next auction October 5th!

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Silver half dollars, commemorative quarters, Sacagawea dollars, Roosevelt dimes, Morgan dollars, Kennedy half dollars, buffalo nickels, mercury dimes, National park bank notes, silver certificate bills, Burlington 21 jewel pocket watch, Morning side pocket watch, Fossils, minerals, sterling jewelry (pins, necklaces, bracelets), cast iron Scotty, cast iron flowers, cast iron trains, cast iron horse and carriages, silver plate tea pots,

Table lamps, elk antler mount, art metal wall décor, vintage stained glass windows, porcelain bird décor, vintage (table linens bed covers towels), antique wall phones,

Doll furniture, dolls, camel casino chips, vintage Halloween toys, Franklin Heirloom dolls,

Cut glass, stained glass, etched glass, depression glass, vintage oil lanterns, marbles, art glass, dessert cups, Dublin crystal (high bells, goblets, flute set) new in boxes,

Royal English, Royal standard, 2 gallon crocs, Royal Copenhagen, snow villages, large selection of collectable plates, Shore & coggins longton china, royal albion, old english, bone windsor

Rod iron plant stands, rod iron glass iron display stands, child’s rocking horse, score board, floor lamps, office chairs, Panasonic flat screen TVs, stained glass fire screen, large bread racks, queen Anne small desk, potato bin, piano stool, Ralph Lauren desk, retro coffee and end tables, steamer trunk, camel back trunk, Philadelphia style high boy, white clad oak refrigerator, hall trees, night stands, stattin hall table, lawyers book case, oak bed step, small Victorian desk, full size 1920’s bed, wing back chairs, 1960’s coach, marble inlay end tables, oak dressers, blanket chest, large oak side board, oak china cabinet, ornate mirror, French single bed, sofa tables, round oak table, mahogany lighted show case, cedar chest, fire place mantel, asian spice cabinet, 4’ show case, casio keyboard, round oak 1908 claw foot table, east lake spoon carved settee, Sheridan dresser, 1920’s baby bed rocker, wine racks, book cases, corner bar, children’s rockers, Masonic globe stand, oak mirror with hat hooks, kawia oak piano, brass beds, rolling patio bar, large half moon windows, French vanity, miscellaneous display pieces, fold up server, meat scale,

Post cards (Christmas, Halloween, photos), signed Ray Bradbury, signed George Zerowski, signed Kurt Vonnegut Jr, signed Harlan Ellison, Ward Moore, Greg Bear, Joe Haldeman, vintage Halloween paper items, photo albums, maps,

5 oil on canvas by Scott Mattlin ( within a dream, summer along the back roads, contemplative, misty sunrise), Carl Madden, bird prints, oil on canvas by Rupnerr,

Sleds, Sewing miscellaneous, buttons, display cases, fishing lures, Dodger’s jersey, fishing poles, records, VHS players, DVD players, vintage the standard king dress cutting art original box, DVDs, horse saddles,

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